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Transiting Jupiter through houses

Jupiter as the greatest benefit mainly brings growth, expansion, and prosperity, However, Jupiter is a planet that magnifies everything, so in some cases, its transit can bring amorality, laziness, excessive desire to enjoy, and even divorce. It should be borne in mind that the transit of any planet is never viewed without considering the entire natal chart and the natal setting of the planet itself. I will list some general changes that transiting Jupiter can bring by passing through natal houses.

1st house

As a planet of optimism, Jupiter’s transit through the first house can improve your mood, the way you look, bring good changes around you. You can relax and indulge in pleasures, you can also fall in love, you might want to travel, go study again, or do anything that makes you happy. If you are in an unenviable situation, Jupiter can make things easier for you. However, don’t forget that it is a planet of expansion, it magnifies everything it touches, so it can happen that you satisfy your senses too much, gain weight, have an affair, or become lazy. If you have been passive so far, you can finally wake up and start something new that gives you pleasure.

 2nd house

 Going through the second house that deals with our material things and our self-confidence we can improve cash flow, be more confident, take out a loan, invest in a new job, or get a job. Although Jupiter is hard to associate with poverty, we still need to be careful because we may need to spend too much, be overconfident, or overlook important details when it comes to money and investment.

3rd house

This is where intellectual growth and development, education, business expansion through social networks awaits, or we can decide to go to school, take a course, or online classes. Relationships with the environment can become harmonious if they have not been so far. You may decide to finally start writing and go on that journey you planned a long time ago. It can also happen that you think too much or do multitasking.

4th house

When Jupiter transits through the fourth house, our emotions are stronger, deeper, we feel harmonious family relationships or they improve, which is especially true for parents. It happens that there is a change of residence, the sale of a house, or the expansion or purchase of a new house. Then, you can start working on offspring, start a private business, or work with real estate.

5th house

 With transiting Jupiter in the fifth house you can have success in sports, competitions, games, and gambling (if natal Jupiter is well placed). You can show your talents and open your own company or expand your existing company. Also, the transit of Jupiter through the fifth house can bring a new love or love affair if you are not satisfied with the existing relationship. Also, it often happens that Jupiter brings pregnancy, desired, or unwanted.

6th house

Jupiter will highlight an existing health problem, perhaps even a crisis of previously dormant disease. However, this does not mean that you will get sick, but you should definitely take care of your health. You can buy a pet, maybe even two. You can also look for extra work or try life as a couple in an unconventional sense.

7th house

At best, transiting Jupiter will bring a new relationship, marriage, and life together. However, it often happens that it brings a problem because there is a need for new experiences, expansion, and if your partner is not ready to follow you, you can look for that additional experience out of the home. Disputes and low cases might end more easily, you can gain popularity or make respectable or not so respectful friends.

8th house

Here, Jupiter’s transit is favorable for investing, raising money, seeking and getting help, protection, political work, research, spiritual work. You can engage in experimentation in the field of your sexuality or end up in strong sexual relationships. Its transit might also lead to a love affair. If Jupiter is well-positioned in the natal chart, inheritances and gains from the sale of real estate are possible.

9th house

 This transit of Jupiter can bring a happy period, graduation, travel, moving abroad. Favorable period for publishing books or research. If this is not your area of ​​interest you will still feel good and will have a certain amount of enthusiasm during Jupiter’s transit through the ninth house.

10th house

Since Jupiter does not feel well in the sign of Capricorn (and in the sign of Virgo) its influence is diminished. There is a possibility of a change of job or promotion, but not in the way that Jupiter would give in another sign. It is more likely that you will solve some piled work, get some easier earnings in that period or even get a better boss at work or that your superiors will be served by happiness as well as parents.

11th house

Compared to the tenth house, here Jupiter will give much more because this is a house of happiness, benefits, and gains. Since this house is associated with the sign of Aquarius, it often happens that there are quite unusual and favorable changes. Since this is also a house of popularity, you can become a favorite, make significant contacts or friends. This is most often a transit of good opportunities and inflows of money.

12th house

Unlike Saturn who does it strictly, Jupiter here confronts us in a nice way with our fears, we re-examine ourselves and we become softer, calmer during this period. This can happen before intensification of those same fears (Jupiter can magnify everything, remember?) followed by a confrontation with what we did not want to do for our spiritual development or for the common good. You can also move to a faraway place, look for new meaning in life, go to an island, or simply go on a journey for the purpose of personal spiritual development.

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