Saturn in Leo
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Saturn in Leo

When I started this website I knew I would write about Saturn in Leo first. You will read everywhere that Saturn is to the detriment in Leo and indeed he is. Leo wants to stage, spotlights, Saturn doesn’t. However, this does not mean that one will never achieve great things.

Many are afraid of Saturn because his lessons are made of difficulties, endings, great efforts, obstacles, failures, and repetitions, consistency, coldness, waiting, delays. However, he is our greatest teacher of all, the one who rewards us in such a way that we will remember it for a lifetime, who will show us how tough we are and leave us with a story that we can tell to others to encourage them.

I have Saturn in Leo in 5th house and I will tell you my personal story. Fifth house is house of creativity, hobbies, fun, kids and high school. My Sun is in Aries and Ascendant too. I wanted to do things my way very much.

I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was fourteen. Knowing that it is not easy to enroll in that high school, I attended preparations every single weekend, all day for a full year. That was not easy while my friends were having fun. But it was even harder when I realized that I was third below the line on the admissions list. All my dreams have fallen into the water. The feeling of defeat was overwhelming. My angry Mars woke up, I threw away all the paintbrushes, paints, and everything that tied me to art. But my artistic line was still in me, I couldn’t throw it away.

Saturn is an organizer, practical, patient, wise. I wasn’t. I was a young leader, an impulsive leader. It’s hard for an Aries to accept defeat. He would shake all the walls with his head; seek revenge for the injustice and the effort that did not pay off.

Life moved on, I ended up in engineering school with lots of drawing, and eventually, I fell in love with what I was studying and enrolled in college where I worked on land and plants.

I got a job in an Arab country and I worked as a manager at a Landscape company. I learned everything about organization, patience, and different situations taught me wisdom through the years. When the company decided to close the branch I was the one to finish everything up to the end. Then, for lack of staff, I started doing landscape design myself. My first client was the queen of the country I live in. It was a turning point in my life. Saturn taught me everything I needed from that moment. Instead of clothes, today I design gardens. Only satisfied clients stand behind me and my name is well known for creativity, practicality, quality, responsibility, and good relationship with clients. Every next job came on the recommendation of one of my previous clients. Once I leave this desert country, behind me will stay seven magnificent islands and all my beautiful gardens that are not desert but fully green today. After all, I realized that this means to me much more than what I wanted in the first place! I am where I needed to be.

Don’t be afraid of Saturn even though it is in detriment. Don’t be afraid in any case! Even when the road gets bumpy work his principle (work, perseverance, and discipline) and he will reward you like no other planet. Life is not a straight line but you get where you need to be, just don’t resist but believe and he will take you there as a wise teacher.

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