Saturn conjuct Uranus 2021
Astro Danijela

Astro Danijela

Saturn conjunct Uranus 2021

Saturn is already squaring Uranus and we have seen a few earthquakes already but unfortunately, this is not the end. They will be meeting all the year (exact aspect is on 17th February, 14th June and 24th December).

This is not usually a pleasant aspect as the planet of tradition clashes with the planet of revolution, old ideas clash with new radical ideas, structure meets with the erratic behavior of Uranus, status quo, and convention clashes with game changer and rebel. Where this will manifest the most? Humanity as a whole, large companies, current way of working and contributing, personal freedom, freedom of speech, internet freedom on one side and tradition, food, culture, money, and financial stability on the other side are the agenda of this challenging aspect.

What can this bring for us? Economic crisis, independence of countries, restrictions from media, lower employment rate, food supply disturbance, and food production reduction, the bankruptcy of insolvent banks or very difficult banking terms and conditions, media control, shocking news, surprises.

What comes out of this challenge? New monetary rules, alternative natural resources utilization, new discoveries that will help humanity as a whole, new ways of relating to land and material assets, new ways of working routine, the sustainability of food production, innovation within the food industry, health industry, and different artistic expression, personal sustainability related to existential matters. Changes won’t happen overnight but won’t be so slow either. Remember, this won’t be the first or the last recession that we will have to go through either, it will be the first challenge that humanity is facing. Besides that, we have learned so much from past events, we are becoming more and more conscious about the world around us, happenings, and needs of us and others around us. I see most of the people as modern slaves nowadays, demands are higher, and we have no time or physical possibilities to meet all of them. Financially, we are all caught in this rolling ball that just keeps spinning and it is spinning faster and faster. It is time for a break; it is time for a reality check, breakthrough, and reset.  

Thank you!

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