Natal Chart Reading

Birth Chart Readings in depth

Duration: 90 minutes



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Look at your birth promise, your personality, potentials, desires, relationship approach, motivations, etc.

Please enter your birth details (day/month/year, birth time from a birth certificate, or rectified time and birth city/town) in the contact form post-purchase.

5 reviews for Natal Chart Reading

  1. husain

    first time i am doing astrology reading, i did both Natal and 12 month forecast. i was really amazed knowing that she can know all that by just having my birthday.

  2. Noof

    As you said life is a roller coaster indeed ,when I first approached Dani, I was burdened and full of anxiety and worry , her chart reading was reassuring soothing and supportive ,Iā€™m glad we crossed paths as from know onwards I have scheduled many readings to come , thank you šŸ™šŸ¼

  3. Ghinwa

    Knowledgeable and very friendly approach,like you are talking to a good friend,accurate as well!

  4. Diana

    Very happy with your reading, thank you. It was really in depth and different then what i had till now

  5. mariam

    Thank you Danijela. lots of interesting information, felt like i was talking to a friend. all the best

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