12 Months Forecast Horoscope

Duration:  75 Minutes



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Look what the year ahead is bringing starting from career and finances to relationships, health, etc.

Please enter your birth details (day/month/year, birth time from a birth certificate, or rectified time and birth city/town) in the contact form post-purchase.

5 reviews for 12 Months Forecast Horoscope

  1. husain

    i didnt believe that all what she said could be seen from my birthday time. Great Danijela thanks so much.

  2. Ameera

    Love it!12 moths was amazing reading,thank you Danijela for all information and guidance

  3. Sandy

    Thanks for you readings. I love the way you approach the subjects. I could not expect more than that

  4. Jana

    Yesterday readings was really interesting, could not expect more than that. thanks Danijela. (again thank you for your time, i know we cross the time limit)

  5. Salma

    This was really good and helpful. i love the way you read. it was so friendly. thanks a lot Danijela

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