Mars in Taurus 2021
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Astro Danijela

Mars in Taurus 2021 – Mars conjunct Uranus

Welcome to 2021 let’s see how the first two months of this year will look from an astrology point of view.

On January 6, Mars planet of action will enter the sign of Taurus and will stay there for two months. Mars was for a long time a sign of Aries and we might even get a little bit tired of running around and trying to manage all our tasks. Aries is a sign of action, dynamic, aggressive approach sign, and Mars was in his own kingdom behaving in the same way. Now, when Mars goes into Taurus you will notice that energy slows down and you may feel a little less energetic than in the previous period. To be honest, we all need a little bit of a break. Break from everything probably.

Taurus is a sign of practicality, material results, slow, hedonist, and very sensual. You might enjoy more spicy food, fast food but keep in mind that metabolism slows down when Mars goes into Taurus so mind your weight during those two months. It is a good idea to take care of your neck, thyroid, lower jaw, throat, tonsils as all this is ruled by Taurus and Mars can easily activate sore throat, tonsillitis, or inflammations of lower teeth, neck, or thyroid problems. Have your scarf around and play safe. It is very common to break the collar bone in this period if you have a natal chart predisposition for that.

While Mars is in Taurus you may behave in a way that you do not communicate openly and clearly, rather you will hold it in until it explodes. Your bank account is ruled by this sign and we might feel very protective and frustrated about it whether you are trying to earn and save or because you are spending more than you wanted.

The covid vaccine was launched while Mars was in Aries which is not surprising as Aries are known to be fast, first, pioneers, etc., but while in Taurus we might have a feeling that progress in fighting Covid is slow at first.  

On the 20th of January, Mars will be joying Uranus in tight conjunction. The effect of this energy might be active a few days before and after. Uranus and Mars are reckless energies, inpatient and striking powers, fighter, and rebel, engineer and genius, fire and lighting. When those two energies join together we might have an uncontrolled outburst of energy. If we can use it in business or any other field in our life to gain brilliant ideas and put it into action, that’s a great way to go! But if this is not the case then we might have a problem, overreact, be very impulsive, violent not taking into consideration consequences or others. Another challenge comes from the fact that those two planets will have square aspects with Saturn as well. Basically, we are having three malefic planets in a tough and tense communication. You might want to take care of yourself more than usual around this date.

Globally, this is a symbol of people protesting on the streets with exaggerated reactions. This is a symbol of airplane accidents (civil or military), military accidents, military base explosion, nuclear explosion, an explosion caused by fire and opposite, volcanoes and earthquakes with fatal consequences.

Hopefully, this aspect will be manifested in a productive way where we could have good news about new inventions that will benefit humanity as a whole and set them free in a way. 

Thank You!

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