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Jupiter and Saturn conjunction and Age of Aquarius

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction and Age of Aquarius

Since the early 1800s, Jupiter and Saturn, the most important planets in terms of rules and rulers have been meeting in Earth signs.  For the last 240 years, we have seen through our and previous generations control and structuring by material means, political power, financial power. We have lost a big part of humanity towards each other and like it or not, turned mostly to our own benefit. To simplify all this astrology with questions that marked the last bit of this material ear…Where do you live? What do you drive? Where do you work? How good is your salary? What clothes are you buying? How much money do you have in the bank? How good are your connections? How many houses or apartments do you have?  And the list goes on. We were securing ourselves in terms of money, power, success, accomplishment. We are coming to the end of this period. We are already in it and 2020 was a great introduction to changes that we have to go through. In 2020 we will experience pause, world pause. On a global scale, we have seen different things through this year from fine political manipulation to open abuse of political power, people protesting on the streets, fear from Covid and denial of Covid, some people lost family members, some of them lost jobs and some got new opportunities, some of them ended the marriage and some decided to commit or had another important decision to make for the first time in their life. What we actually experienced is an end and begging in different ways. From mostly work and money-oriented humans, we are moving away from that, waking up, checking what information has been served, what the truth is, and what is a lie. That is an introduction.

On 21 December 2020, two-time keepers Jupiter and Saturn began a new 240 years agenda. It is not in the Earth sign anymore and we are going to the Air sign, the sign of Aquarius that is something completely different. For sure, this is not going to happen overnight but we will be here long enough to witness the path. If any of you remember the TV show called “Beyond 2000” this is going to be something like that where you watch and you can’t believe your eyes that we will go so far. Aquarius is innovative, brilliant, working for humanity not against humanity, daring and fair, independent, and ahead of time.

What can we expect from this shift? Well, I bet our kids won’t drive cars we know today! Electromagnetic waves will play a huge deal, solar power, biofuel, switching from petrol to alternative power, social causes that will have the purpose of caring for others not only ourselves, even distribution of global resources, changes in global monetary funds, working towards building peace and incorporating differences as part of our society. Astrology will be more in use and understood in the right way. Metaphysics studies will get a boost and use in the fields we couldn’t imagine before. Technology innovations will take the fast track and artificial intelligence may be a much bigger part of our life and easily available to all people.

Whatever seemed to be granted to certain people will be available to “normal” people as well. We will gather around the same common cause with others and will have to and want to contribute, even if you are not a team player. All of us will have to find some “team” to play in. We will ask for freedom and truth from the media, go against manipulation and centralism, and fight for the right cause. A lot of people will be relying on their own skills, going from corporate to their own business or business with like-minded people. We won’t be connecting on the status level but more according to common goals. Working time won’t be as we know now when you spend most of your day at work, there will be somehow more and more flexibility and therefore more time for ourselves. Nothing will be as we know now. Online business and working from home will become normal. All fields related to food, food delivery, beauty and fitness services, money and banking, what we value in terms of tradition, our eating habits, natural resources…all those fields will go through a major change. Sounds like a fairytale? Watch.

I believe that people are born at specific times for a reason and we all have our purpose to fulfill. Those that were born in the time of WW2 for example, had a path to be brave and survive or lose their lives in war. We are born to experience the beginning of this major shifting in values and leave it to new generations to tailor it further the way they want. No transition is easy, we all know that. So, it won’t be easy but is it worth it? You know it is. 

Thank you!

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