Houses in Astrology
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Houses in Astrology

The natal chart is presented by a circle of 360 degrees and then that circle is divided into 12 parts. Each of them represents one house in the natal chart. There are different division systems so houses can be divided equally or unequally.

In this text, we will only deal with the basic division and meaning of each of these 12 houses.

1st house

The first house represents our personality, our SELF, how others see us and our appearance. Also, the first house talks about how we act, how we approach life and our vitality.

2nd house

The second house refers to material things, what we value, our self-esteem, how we relate to values. Represents the way we acquire property, how we treat food and the way we eat.

3rd house

The third house refers to our thinking, how we think, how we speak, how we communicate, and what our practical abilities are. It also shows a period of early education, short journeys, driving, siblings, relatives and close surroundings.

4th house

The fourth house represents our psychological foundations, the early beginning of our life, roots but also the end. It describes our house in which we live, family relationships and what we take from these relationships. It also represents one of the parents.

5th house

The fifth house is one of the lucky houses. It shows everything we love, the way we love, relationships before marriage. It also shows how we approach relationships, first born child, creativity, how can we have fun, and our talents.

6th house
The sixth house talks about our organism, our weak points in terms of health. It also shows our lifestyle and how we approach daily responsibilities. It also represents pets, colleagues and our work environment.

7th house

The seventh house talks about our relationships with others. It is a house of marriage but also a house of business relations, open enemies, competitors, business relations and the public.

8th house

The eighth house is a house of emotions, those deep hidden emotions and urges. It is a house of sexuality and how we express it, the inner power of transformation, psychology, fears, inheritance, divorce, joint investments, taxes and occult knowledge. It also represents the house of death and birth and our most intense experiences in life.

9th house
The ninth house shows how we gain wisdom over time, how we look at the world, our belief system, and how much of the bigger picture we are able to see. It also talks about higher education, foreigners and long journeys.

10the house

The tenth house represents our personal status, how we want others to remember us, reputation, honor, and career. It also shows our employers, one of our parents, how others see us and how much we are valued by others.

11th house

The eleventh house as well as the fifth house is a lucky house. It shows what our long-term goals are, what plans, wishes and intentions we have. It is a house of social networks, clubs, retirement, corporations and friends. It also shows what kind of love we receive as well as our partner’s children.

12th house

The twelfth house is in a way our psychological warehouse to a deeper level. In it is everything invisible, what we dream about, what we are not aware of, everything we suppress in ourselves and our mental health.

Among other things, it represents distant lands, islands, closed institutions, prisons, hospitals, betrayal, losses and endings.

This is a basic knowledge of astrological houses but each of them has a much broader meaning and symbolism that requires lot more time to be explained in depth.

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