Full Moon 2020
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Astro Danijela

Full Moon on 31 October 2020

On the 31st of October, we will have a second full Moon in the same month and that is known as Blue Moon. Moon is actually never blue and this term refers either to the second full Moon to occur within a single calendar month or to the third full Moon in a calendar season. The October 31st Blue Moon also happens to be a Micro moon, which means it is further away from Earth than usual. The Moon may appear smaller in the night sky and be less bright. The lunar energy is believed to be at a high point during a full moon, which can subsequently cause us to feel more energized. Research has shown that people may take longer to fall asleep, sleep fewer hours, and sleep less deeply during a full moon. Also, during the full moon reaches peak fullness, it begins the process of waning and it is a good time to commit to breaking a bad habit, leaving a toxic friendship, or anything that you do not need in your life anymore.

This Full Moon is happening in the sign of Taurus which is an earth sign, a sign that seeks stability, material possession in order to feel safe, sensual sign, and sometimes lazy. Also, there is a tendency of clinginess within Taurus. Taurus often resists change, preferring to stick with what’s comfortable and familiar. Moon is known to rule our habits, emotions, needs, and deepest wishes. So, our need for security is great during this full Moon. Sun is in the opposite sign of Scorpio that reminds us of the fact that change is the only constant in life. This makes it crucial not to get too attached to things remaining as they are. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, death and birth, transmutation, and our peak experiences in life.

Still, with this full moon exactly conjunct retrograde Uranus, the planet of change, revolution, freedom, and change may be happening at an accelerated or unpredictable pace. And that can be tough for stability-seeking Taurus.

Uranus is retrograde and will make us wonder what our truth is, and it completely redefines our concept of freedom but also what is the security that we so desperately need to feel on a deeper emotional level. Uranus is known for unpredictability and originality so in the best case you might have a breakthrough of ideas or sudden insight.

Both signs that are emphasized, Taurus and Scorpio prefer to be in control—whether it’s over resources, relationships, or other circumstances. The more we try to control things right now, the more uncontrollable this full moon’s energy will prove itself to be. What we can control: our own responses to what’s happening, both around us and within us.

Still, this full moon can throw us off balance emotionally. And an opposition between lunation ruler Venus in Libra and retrograde Chiron in Aries makes it challenging to regain our equilibrium. With retrograde Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn also squaring off at this full moon, we may experience some communication breakdowns.

Look at your natal chart and see in which house you have Taurus sign and Scorpio sign and that area of your life will be in the spotlight. Full Moon brings endings and changes in order to start something new from November 15 when the new Moon in Scorpio will take place. We might already know what we need to let go of wheatear is to quit smoking, end a relationship that you were holding onto for a long time, or ending anything that makes you unhappy and triggers your emotionally but we keep hanging onto those old patterns even if we know that we should not.  Also, this full Moon might show us that it doesn’t have to be a disaster if things are not in control.

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