Super Full Pink Moon
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Astro Danijela

Full Moon in Scorpio – Pink Super Moon

Why is the Full Moon so significant and why so many astrologers write about it? The Full Moon has been
associated with the harvest, completion of already ripen seeds that had been planted earlier. Full Moon had
been the center of attention of so many cultures and for a very long time. Different cultures named
different full moons.
April’s Full Moon is called Pink Moon and also Super Moon. When the Moon is very close to the Earth
you can see it much larger than any other Full Moon and this is why it is called Super Moon. Name Pink
Moon comes from native American tradition and it is called Pink Moon as pink flowers bloom in this
Pink Super Moon in Scorpio is happening on Tuesday, April 27 and it will be on 7 degrees of Scorpio.
Whenever we have a Full Moon, we are going to harvest something we have planted earlier. This might
have something to do with the previous New Moon in Aries that happened on Monday, April 12. Another
period of time to look back is November 15, 2020, when we had New Moon in Scorpio. You might want
to think about what have you initiated in your life around that time, what was happening and how did you feel
about it. New Moon is time to set your intentions so look back and remind yourself of that period and
what intentions you had. Now it is time for harvest.
This can go both ways; you might set yourself for success or for failure and this Full Moon might show
you exactly what your intention was and what have you planted earlier. If you feel anxious, frustrated, or
stressed as the Moon grows into Full Moon and your dominating emotions will. As it is Super Moon
whatever is going on will be even more intense.
On top of that, all this is happening in the 7th degree of Scorpio. This degree is correlated to the sign of
Libra and Libra are ruling 7 the house of the zodiac so you might see some intense events related to
everything that Libra rules seen through the Scorpio lenses. This energy involves the topic of money, other
people’s help and resources, your deep emotions, and possible fears and relationships that you have with other
people in your life. Uranus is in conjunction with Sun to spice up things and bring some twists and
For Aries, this could be related to holding onto some feelings and not allowing others to help you out. As
a consequence of that, you might feel overemotional which can affect your relationships within your
family or bring up some issues with your superiors. However, if you have invested in new business
lately it might be the time when that business or benefits from the investment come to culmination.
Taurus might be affected by one-to-one relationships, people they collaborate with, business partners
, or marriage partners. It is quite possible that you have been holding onto feeling for something or
someone you had been close with. This Full Moon might help you with that and set you free initiating
that you move on, let go and have fun.
Gemini might be busy sorting out what is hindering their everyday life, things that they were ignoring.
You might want to sort out your health issues, start going to the gym or invest in your lifestyle, your
workplace. Another possibility would be that you spend unnecessary money on things that you enjoy
but actually not having a budget allocated for extra expenses.
For the Cancer sign, this might be significant in terms of emotional patterns and it might bring to the surface
thinking about the way you are expressing your emotions and to whom. Are you doing that in the right
way and to the right people? You might want to review your personal ideas, what are you giving, and what you getting in return.

If you have kids, they might be in the picture in this period. Mind the way
you approach others and avoid stress as much as possible. If you are in process of launching something
new this might be the moment you get the green light and move forward.
Leo might have to sort out some issues around, this might be just internal feelings or specific situations
within the work or family. This might be the period where you will have to decide what you want from
your work or how to sort out some family dynamics that had been going on for a while. It might be that
you will feel the only right thing to do is to lose it, close the chapter and get ready for a new beginning.
You might not be clear about your feelings towards someone or you might be hiding your feelings from
Virgo will be encouraged to communicate and make a move that will enable them to feel better in social circles, with friends or simply reaching their heights. This might the moment you realize that you
are on the good path to reach your goals but might need a little bit more time.
For Libra, this energy might bring solid results of some hard work and you might be recognized in some
way for what you are doing. This Full Moon might bring questions about your values and values of
people in your life. Some of them might not be the right people to be with. Also, it is very possible that
you will have increased financial gains through other people.
Scorpio will be called to look at themself and listen to their intuition. It might be that you do what feels
right to you opening new opportunities for yourself ahead. This could lead to changes in your perception
making you decide to do something new in your life that will definitely broaden your horizons. If there
were issues in your relationship lately, it is a good time to talk about it. You might want to discuss
the difference and find a common ground by accepting that need of other is not same as yours.
Sagittarius might have something on their mind or even better, might have a feeling about something
being a good idea. Whatever you have on your mind take a good look at it in this period because it might
be a good idea and it might be worth investigating and investing in it.
Capricorn might be more social, spending more time with friends, or might be involved in their
community more than usual. This Full Moon will ask you to go out of your comfort zone but at the
same time will bring a positive outcome if you allow it. You might win some good partner along the road
as well.
For Aquarius, this Super Full Moon might bring an uplifting career situation and you might be recognized
and appreciated by others around you for your ability to open up networks and work with others.
Pisces might set themselves for success through collaboration and teaching with other people that
have the same field of interest. Forming a group, presenting, teaching will be motivated and will bring you
good times as well.

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