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Best of each Sign

What if we could take the best of each sigh and use it in our life?

Signs have a lot of qualities and your quality is not determined only by your
Sun sign.
There is a lot more to that but let’s take two best things of each
sign. How would that look like?

We would have a drive and fight like Aries.

Be honest and enjoy good food
like Taurus.

Speak and change jobs easily like Gemini.

We would cook and love like Cancer.

We would look and shine like Leo.

We would be practical and improve things like Virgo.

We would be peacemakers and sociable like Libra.

We would read people easily and be passionate like Scorpio.

We would be kind and open-minded like Sagittarius.

We would work and commit to a person like Capricorn.

We would play and be unique like Aquarius.

We would dream and be compassionate like Pisces.

There is no chart that doesn’t miss something. When you get stuck in a
situation maybe you might ask yourself “what am I missing?” Is it passion,
courage, emotion, compassion, practicality? Pull out that Aries, Scorpio,
Libra or any other sign with qualities you need and go ahead. We are made
of each of those qualities and some of us have might have more or
emotions, less of drive, more of passion, and less of compassion.

Pull it out
up to your own capabilities, call a friend that has those qualities more than you, and ask them what would they do?

Embrace that even tiny side of yourself and let it spark.

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