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Astrology of 2021

In 2020 we experienced pause, world pause. We needed that pause. We might not need a virus for that but I am not sure we wouldn’t stop our busy lives on our own. On a global scale, we have seen different things through this year from fine political manipulation to open abuse of political power, people protesting on the streets, fear from Covid and denial of Covid, some people lost family members, some of them lost jobs and some got new opportunities, some of them ended the marriage and some decided to commit or had another important decision to make for the first time in their life. What we actually experienced is an end and begging in different ways. From mostly work and money-oriented humans, we are moving away from that, waking up, checking what information has been served, what the truth is, and what is a lie and 2021 will be the only introduction to changes that will be happening to humanity for a long time. Nothing will be the same as it was before. Never again. We just entered the Age of Aquarius that is the cosmic major shift since the 1800s and on December 21, two-time keepers Jupiter and Saturn began a new 240 years long agenda. We will witness only the begging. Our kids will be a bigger part of it. More on that you can find in Great conjunction and age of Aquarius on my website blog.

In general, 2021 will not be smooth but I do not expect it to be like 2020. We will feel a kind of release. At least cardinal signs will have a sense of more ease Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libras. I will be writing about signs through 2021 in detail soon on the website blog but year Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will be more challenged. I am referring to Ascendant first and then to Sun sign so please check your Ascendant. That doesn’t mean 2021 will be a bad year for them, it will bring challenges that could become opportunities.  The beginning of 2021 will be intense I must say. . In 2021 Corona won’t disappear and we will still be dealing with it but not like in 2021. Social networks will be setting new, restricting rules that will be disliked. Banks will be changing the terms of loans and financial policy. Corporation businesses might implement new rules and reduce the number of employees and capital cities will be struggling more financially.

Social help might be constrained which will make people frustrated and they will feel as their basic needs are not being met. New kinds of leaders with innovative ideas might arise. More people will turn to their own skills and try to establish their own services online. Cooperative business, fitness, food industry, restaurant suppliers from food to dry cleaning, beauty services, food supplies, banking will undergo changes and will have to find new ways to provide their services or change current regulations in order to keep operating. We will be having challenging aspects around  6th and 7th January. After that, again we are having cosmic tests from 13th January till 20th January which might not be pleasant globally. People’s beliefs will be the focal point, authorities, new regulations, and restrictions as well. We might see protests again and unfortunately, more natural disasters worldwide. Things will start taking a lighter pace at the end of March. In June and July, we will feel more optimistic and light-minded. November and December will not be super exciting months either, we can expect an intense period again. All the best in 2021 and remember that any challenge can be turned into an opportunity if you are willing to. 

Thank you!

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